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Welcome to Knives By Nick

This Website has been designed as an asset for the more discriminating re-enacter or collector seeking Historically and Archeologically correct items, i e; not Hollywood or television land interpretations.I am a 5th generation blacksmith and I started Blacksmithing in 1963 and after a few deviations into farriery, metallurgical research and classic sports car restorations I now try to concentrate mainly on hand-forged historic weapons. Each piece is individually hand-forged by myself in a charcoal forge and is therefore unique. I do not buy in imported blades which are often made from inferior or dubious quality materials nor do I use imitation pattern welded blanks. As every stage of construction is carried out personally, I can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on all edged weapons and blades.This also applies to Stainless Steel cutlery. I also make ornamental Wrought Iron work which can be viewed on my other Website www.ironick.co.uk (see links). As the pictures on both these sites are only a fraction of my work, if you cannot see what you want among the sample pictures I am more than happy to discuss your requirements or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note, prices are based on the amount of work involved and/or complexity of design and cost of materials, not on how cheap I can import them and what sort of profit margin I can make.

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