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Medieval Arrowheads Bodkins Spearheads

Medieval Arrowheads and Bodkins

These Type 1 arrow heads are hand forged and are historically correct in every detail even the weight. I forge these heads in a charcoal forge from one piece of wrought iron, (not mild steel) they are then hardened by carburizing which entails soaking the heads for several hours at the right temperature in a container packed with carbon bearing materials, such as charcoal, leather, bone, horn or various combinations of these (smells lovely). They are then finally quenched in brine.

Arrow Image

Damascus Type 1 Broadhead.

Hand forged carbon steel and Wrought iron arrowheads made to order.

Prices from £40-00 each

Type 1 Medieval Arrowhead

Type 1 Wrought iron Broadhead

These are replicas of heads found in the royal armouries collection. Heads are made to fit 1/2 inch shafts as per original and all heads are identical weights of 7 grams . £20.00 each

Type 1 Medieval Arrowhead With Shaft

Type 1 Carbon Steel Broadhead

Hand forged carbon steel Type 1 heads, hardened and tempered. Top one is fitted to 1/2inch ash shaft, weight 7 grams. Bottom one is fitted to 3/8inch footed shaft, weight 7 grms price £12-00 each (head only).

Type 16 Medieval Arrowhead

Type 16

Probably the most common medieval warhead.Carbon steel head, forge welded to mild steel or Wrought iron ferrule. Made to fit 1/2 inch shafts,hardened and tempered (sharp), all heads are identical weights of 8 grams. £20-.00 each.

Bodkin Medieval Arrowhead


Based on finds from Carrisbrook castle. Made to fit 1/2 in shafts, weight 10 grams. £11-.00 each.

All heads can also be made to order to fit smaller shaft sizes and/or lighter weights. Please enquire.

Spear Heads

Boar Spear

Boar Spear

Based on an original 15th century German example. Forged carbon steel blade and ferrule with spring steel cross piece rivetted to ferrule. Approx length overall 25cm.

Price £200-00.


Spear Head

Large Spear Head 500mm (20 inches). Blunt for re-enactment. Hand forged from spring steel with forge welded mild steel ferrule. Hardened and tempered. Will fit 35mm shaft. Price £65.00. Other patterns and sizes can be made to order. Can be made Sharp from carbon steel for demonstrations.

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