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Historical Knives


The design and the materials used for these knives are based on evidence from archaeological finds. I have tried to replicate this as faithfully as possible given the relatively limited information available. The majority of finds had boxwood (known by medieval cutlers as dudgeon) handles, and to a lesser extent horn, fruit wood or maple. Whittle tang knives are the commonest type found prior to the 15th century. Whittle tang blades have a tapered tang and are fitted by pushing the blade tang into the handle. On later 15th century scale tang knives the blade extends the full length of the handle, which is attached by rivets. Most of the knife blades incorporated wrought iron and carbon steel. Wrought iron was used because it was cheaper and more readily available (the complete opposite of today) but it cannot be hardened. The better quality knives were either pattern welded (Damascus) or laminated.

Where sheath/scabbards are not listed with knives, they must be ordered at the same time as knifes as each knife is unique and may vary slightly, therefore sheaths/scabbards are made to measure. Prices from £20-.00 all sheaths/scabbards are entirely hand made using wet veg tanned leather.

Historical Knife

Hudson Bay or Buffalo Knife

Price--- £165-00


19th Century Kitchen Knives

Selection of authentic 19thcent Kitchen knives made for a major US film company for upcoming Victorian movie.

Buffalo Sgian Dubh


Buffalo & Damascus Sgian Dubh

Handle carved from Buffalo horn with Nickel Silver fittings. Blade hand forged from carbon steel farriers rasp and metal cutting bandsaw blade.Damascus blade length 100mm. Veg tanned leather Scabbard with Nickel Silver fittings . Can be made sharp or blunt for wedding ceremonies .

Price £260-00.

Ref no BDSD


Small Folder

Small Folder

Hand forged carbon steel blade approx 75mm long with Red deer antler tine handle. Can be opened and closed with one hand.

Price ---£65-00.

Ref no SFA

Figured Box Wood Handle Eating Knife

Yew Eating Knife/ Scabbard

Eating knife and scabbard. Yew handled hand forged carbon steel blade 3/4 tang. Hand sewn veg tanned leather scabbard, centre-back seam, four suspension slots in back with thong, hangs vertically. Blade length 130mm, £56.00

Ref - EKY1

Figured Box Wood Handle Eating Knife

Figured Box Wood

Eating knife, figured box wood handle, hand forged carbon steel blade 3/4 tang differentially heat treated. Blade length 130mm, £45-00


Box Wood Eating Knife

Eating Knife

English boxwood handle, nickle silver fittings, medium manganese steel blade, differentially heat treated, polished, full length tang, blade length 120mm. Price £60.00

Ref EKB2

View Image: Lo Hi

Yew Wood Eating Knife

Yew Eating Knife

Yew wood handled eating knife, hand forged 01 carbon steel blade, overall length 220mm. £40-.00


Yew Wood Eating Knife in Leather Sheath

Yew Knife with Scabbard

Yew handled eating knife as above in Scabbard

Scabbard made from 2mm thick veg tanned calf skin. In 1350 it was forbidden by the Guild of Furbishers to use any other material for sheaths. Hand stitched down the back with 4 suspension slots and thongs. Knife to hang vertically. £60-00


Box Wood Eating Knife

Damascus/Boxwood Eating Knife

Damascus ( Pattern Welded) blade (whittle tang) made from wrought iron and 10/80 carbon steel with European boxwood handle, copper ferrule. Overall length 180mm includes historically correct veg tanned leather sheath. £70-.00.


Pear Eating Knife

Damascus/Pear Eating Knife

Damascus(Pattern Welded) blade (whittle tang) made wrought iron and 5160 carbon steel, pear wood handle, iron ferrule. Overall length 200mm. includes historically correct veg tanned leather sheath £70-.00.


13th Century Folding Knifes

13th Century Folding Knife

Authentic late 13th century folding knife copied from archaeological find, hand forged laminated blade, wrought iron with carbon steel core, one piece boxwood handle, blade length 112mm. Handle length 134mm. Price £65-00


Bollock Knives and Dirks

The bollock dagger or ballock knife is a type of dagger with a distinctively shaped shaft, with two oval swellings at the guard resembling male genitalia ("bollocks"). The guard is often in one piece with the wooden grip, and reinforced on top with a shaped metal washer. The dagger was popular in Flanders, England and Scotland between the 13th and 18th centuries, and in particular the Tudor period. It was commonly carried by many Border Reivers, as a backup for the lance and the sword. A large number of such weapons were found aboard the wreck of the Mary Rose. In use, the bollock dagger was similar to the Scottish Dirk. In the Victorian period weapon historians introduced the term kidney dagger, due to the two lobes at the guard, which could also be seen as kidney-shaped, in order to avoid sexual connotations. (Blair 1962).

The hilt was often constructed of Boxwood (dudgeon) in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the dagger was sometimes called dudgeon dagger or dudgeonhafted dagger in this period.

The bollock dagger is the source of the expression, to get, or give, a "bollocking", meaning to give or receive a severe chastisement.

Bollock Knife

Bollock Dagger / Ballock Knife

Hand forged double edged blade, squashed diamond section, triple tempered, sharp, full length tang. Hand carved english boxwood handle, brass butt plate. Blade length 300mm (12") . Veg tanned scabbard.

-Price----£180-00 including UK P&P.

I can make these any length, single or double edged.




Hand forged 01 carbon steel blade length 250mm. Hand carved Walnut grip, veg tanned scabbard.

Price ...£160-00.


Damascus Seax

Damascus Seax

Antler handle Seax. Handle made from Red Deer Antler crown with Damascus ferrule. Blade forged from 19th cent Wrought Iron and high Nickel Carbon steel with forged Fullers. Overall length 38cm.




Yew Handle Seax

Yew handled Seax with scale tang and brass rivets. hand forged carbon steel blade approx 200mm. Supplied with hand stitched veg tanned leather scabbard.

Price------- £95-00


Yew Handle Seax

Yew Handle Seax

Yew handled seax, carbon steel hand fullered blade, whittle tang, forged ferrule, veg tanned scabbard, overall length 230mm.

Price---- £72-00


Box Wood Handle Seax

Box Handle Seax

Boxwood handled seax, carbon steel, differentially heat treated blade, 3/4 tang, forged iron ferrule, blade length 220mm. £45-.00


Polished Antler Handle Seax

Polished Antler Handle Seax

Small seax, Polished antler handle,Blade forged from old farriers rasp [I am that old farrier!] note fishscale pattern on blade, 3/4 tang differentially heat treated, blade length 120mm. Price £40-00


Yew Handle Seax

Yew Handle Seax

Hand forged 01 carbon steel blade,full length whittle tang differentially heat treated, forged iron fitttings, sharp. Blade length 300mm. Price £80-.00


Pear Handle Seax

Pear Handle Seax

Hand forged 01 carbon steel blade, differentially heat treated. Full length whittle tang, forged iron fittings, sharp. Blade length 180mm. Price £45-.00


Antler Handle Seax

Antler Handle Seax

Hand forged, antler handled seax, carbon steel blade, differentially heat treated, full length tang, forged ferrule, blade length 190mm, £60-.00


Antler Handle Seax

Antler Handle Seax

Hand forged spring steel blade, differentially heat treated, full length whittle tang, forged iron fittings, sharp. Blade length 180mm. Price £60-.00



Bog Oak Dagger

Medieval style Dagger. Forged carbon steel blade with hand forged fullering, Blade length approx 30cm.Forged 19th cent Wrought iron pommel & guard. 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak grip. Each Dagger comes with Carbon dated certificate from Queens University Belfast. Can be supplied sharp or blunt.



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