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Meteorite Damascus Wedding Ring

Short explanation of some of the stages involved in it's making.

1st pic shows Iron Meteorite found in Antartica, around 4.5 billion years old . 2nd pic shows acid etched section revealing the distinctive crystaline pattern known as Widmanstatten texture. 3rd pic shows Meteorite after being repeatedly heated hammered and folded to remove the unforgeable material ready to be welded to Nickel steel to create the Damascus pattern. The four thicker pieces are the Meteorite the other pieces are high Nickel content tool steel.

4th pic shows the billet being heated in a Charcoal forge to approx 1100 deg centigrade. 5th pic shows billet after it has been forge welded and folded, ending up with approx 56 alternating layers. 6th pic shows billet after being folded again to make 112 layers and then twisted to create the Damascus pattern.

7th pic shows twisted billet after being hammered flat and acid etched. As the pattern didn't repeat itself enough I decided to fold and twist it again ending up with approx 224 layers. Final pics show finished Wedding ring after acid etching and polishing.

Commissions only .--Prices from £300-00.

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