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Axes & Seaxes

These pictures of axes are examples made to clients specifications or historical reference. I can make any pattern axe heads to order with or without hafts. (Please click on link below to contact me for more details.) Re-enactment Axes are hand forged from Carbon steel,Sharp axes are hand forged from a single piece of Carbon steel or I can make composite heads from wrought iron, with a carbon steel edge.

Pleas note All Re-enactment axe hafts are made from Ash and are straight round section unless requested otherwise .



Sparth / Galloglass Axe

Half size Sparth axe with 6" cutting edge. Fully functional forged carbon steel with sharp tempered edge ( RC 55 ) . Made for USMC for use as sidearm.




Viking Axe

Forged Carbon steel blade, cutting edge approx 8" / 200mm .Available sharp or blunt.

Price-----Blunt --£120-00. Sharp---£130-00.


French & English Boarding Axes

Hand forged carbon steel with Ash hafts. Axe at top of photo is a French pattern with diamond section poll and seperate langetts. Lower Axe is English pattern with square section poll and integral langetts. Both axes are sharp fully functional pieces.

Price------ French Pattern---- £195-00. English Pattern --£185-00.




Large Bearded Axe

Hand forged Wrought Iron with 22cm sharp Carbon steel cutting edge. with fitted hand carved Ash haft.Can be supplied with or without fitted haft.

Price------£170-00 Head only .

Price ------£200-00 complete with fitted Ash haft.


Naval Boarding Axe

Naval Boarding Axe

Hand forged from Wrought iron with authentic laminated Carbon steel edge and spike, overall length of head approx 240mm, cutting edge 100mm. Forged Langets rivetted to Ash haft.


Galloglass Axe

Galloglass or Gallowglass Axe

Based on the Annaghbeg Axe

Hand forged carbon steel head with 30.5 cm cutting edge .

Price--- £85-00 Head only.

Bearded Axe

Bearded Axe

Small bearded axe head 100mm edge, blunt for reenactment ..

Price £50-00 head only,...... £65-00 with fitted Ash haft.

Dane Axe with Runes

Dane Axe with Runes

Reenactment Dane Axe with Silver inlaid Runes.

Prices from £180-00.


Galloglass or Gallowglass Axes

A couple of examples of forged Galloglass Axe heads based on Historical References.

Prices from £95-00.

Carbon Steel Axe Head

Carbon Steel Axe Head

Hand forged medieval hand axe head, hardened and tempered carbon steel, 100mm cutting edge, sharp. Head only £60-00. fitted with cleaved ash shaft £80-00

small Bearded Axe

Bearded Axe with Yew Shaft

Small bearded axe with yew shaft. Blunt carbon steel blade for reenactment . overall length 600mm.

Price £85-.00

Bearded Axe

Bearded Axe

Forged Carbon steel , 160mm cutting edge Sharp with leather cover. Yew shaft. Handy little axe for bushcraft .





Customised Scramasax

Sample picture of Scramasax & leather covered wooden Scabbard made to clients specs.

Prices from £300-00.


Customised Scramasax

Sample picture of customised Scramasax and Scabbard made to customers specs.

Prices and details on application.



Hand forged Carbon Steel blade with Boxwood handle and hilt forged from 17th cent Wrought Iron. Blade length approx 50 cm ( sharp).


Damascus Seax Blade

Damascus Seax Blade

Pattern welded Seax blade overall length inc tang 300mm (12") with forged fuller.Hand forged in Charcoal forge with approx 30 alternating layers of Carbon steel & 19th cent Wrought iron with a central core of Japanese Blue Paper steel.


Runic Seax

Runic Scramasax

Hand Forged Carbon Steel blade with Forged Fullers and Runic inscriptions. Handle made from Black Walnut with forged ferrules. Blade length 460mm.

Price... £100-00.



Forged Carbon steel blade (sharp)500mm long, Red Deer Antler Crown handle, forged ferrule and brass rivets.

Price----£90-00 Blunt. £110-00 Sharp.



Forged Spring Steel blade (sharp) 640mm long , Red Deer Antler Crown handle with forged ferrule. Complete with veg tanned scabbard.

Price ----£160-00.

Long Seax

Damascus Scramasax

Hand-forged blade with Damascus (pattern welded) insert and fruitwood handle. Insert is made from wrought iron and a farrier’s rasp. Folded and twisted until approx 64 layers are achieved. It is then forge welded to the carbon steel blade before being polished and etched. Blade 480 mm, handle 200 mm,




Hand forged Carbon steel blade,Triple tempered, Sharp edge, full length tang, Red Deer antler handle with forged ferrule and butt cap. Blade length 460mm (18 inches) Handle 150mm (6 inches). Can be forged from spring steel with blunt edge for re-enactment.

Prices are £85.00. for blunt, £95.00 for sharp.

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