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Martial Arts

Martial Arts Weapons

Please note there is at least a 6 months waiting list on Kwan Daos

Fujian Butterfly Knives

EN42 forged steel blades, forged Wrought iron guards with hardwood grips.

Price -----£200-00.

Kwan Dao or Quan Dao


Custom Kwan Dao

Custom Kwan Dao

Sample of customised Kwan Dao made to clients specs .

Prices on application

Butterfly Knives

Butterfly Swords/Knives

Supplied in pairs, blades forged from EN42 carbon spring steel with full length tang, 4mm thick at spine, blade length approx 30cm, solid brass guards with rippled Ash grips. Available sharp or blunt.

Price------£160-00 pair.


Chinese Sword or Jian

Tuanlian Jian based on a 7thc. BC example, forged spring steel blade, length 72cm.Cross guard and pommel hand forged from 17thc Wrought iron, hardwood grip with Rayskin cover. Hardwood Scabbard with matching Rayskin.








Kata Sickle

Kata Sickle


Dao Spear

Chinese Spear or Qiang

Hand forged spring steel, length 35cm with horse hair tassle.


Light Kwan-Dao Polearm

Lightweight Kwan-Dao

Plain purely functional lightweight practice weapon. Spring steel EN42 blunt blade weight 6-8 lbs.

Price---- £200-00.

Hook Sword

Hook Swords


Kwan Dao Polearm

Kwan-Dao Polearm

Chinese Kwan-dao Polearm used in Kung fu, named after chinese general Kwan a hero of the 3rd kingdom period 220-265bc. Blade is forged from carbon steel with a distal taper and a hardened tempered sharp edge. Brass ricasso, oval hand guard, ferrule which is made from Reynolds 631 air hardened tubing, is flush fitted to ash shaft. The other end of shaft is fitted with 3 sided spear head which acts as a counter balance. Blade size 560mm. (22inches) long approx. 6mm thick, overall length 6 ft approx. weight 12-15lb Price £350.00 plus postage (Dependant upon customers requirements).

Kwan Dao Polearm

Three sided spear head, polished and sharp, fitted with six brass rings, ( not sure of purpose of rings, perhaps someone out there in Martial Arts land could tell me ).flush fitted ferrule.

Kwan Dao Polearm

Practice Kwan-dao

This is a heavier piece,designed more for the traditionalist student. (General Kwan's was said to weigh about 100lbs) A heavy weapon is virtually impossible to use without proper form, forcing the user to learn the correct technique. Used for practice as well as muscle building, it has no distal taper and a rounded (blunt) edge, 7mm thick otherwise specs are same as above. Weight 16 - 26 lb approx. Price £250.00 plus postage.

Kwan Dao Polearm

Three sided spear head, blunt with blued finish, six brass rings.

Kwan Dao Polearm


Alternative counter balance end for practice weapon.


Dear Nick, I am amazed at the  fine weapon you have shipped to me!!!! IN FACT, you have delivered a product that has exceeded my expectations. While it may not be as "pretty" as some of the commercial stuff, the construction details, balance and design make everything else seem like "a chunk of iron on a stick". I have at least one student that will be contacting you in the near future, and perhaps several more to follow over time. Please feel free to use my e-mail as a reference for your skill and reliablity. Regards

Dr Tim Cheyenne. - Wyoming

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